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Cloud and Observability Engineer



Gurugram, Haryana, India
Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Cloud and Observability Engineer

  • Customer Success
  • Gurgaon, India


Coralogix is a modern, full-stack observability platform transforming how businesses process and understand their data. Our unique architecture powers in-stream analytics without reliance on expensive indexing or hot storage. We specialize in comprehensive monitoring of logs, metrics, trace and security events with features such as APM, RUM, SIEM, Kubernetes monitoring and more, all enhancing operational efficiency and reducing observability spend by up to 70%.

Coralogix is rebuilding the path to observability using a real-time streaming analytics pipeline that provides monitoring, visualization, and alerting capabilities without the burden of indexing.

By enabling users to define different data pipelines per use case, we provide deep Observability and Security insights, at an infinite scale, for less than half the cost.

About The Position:

Job Summary: As a Cloud and Observability Engineer you will play a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition of customers’ monitoring and observability infrastructure. Your expertise in various other observability tools, coupled with a strong understanding of DevOps, will be essential in successfully migrating alerts and dashboards through creating extension packages and enhancing the customer's monitoring capabilities. You will collaborate with cross-functional teams, understand their requirements, design migration & extension strategies, execute the migration process, and provide training and support throughout the engagement


  • Extension Delivery: Build & enhance quality extension packages for alerts, dashboards and parsing rules in Coralogix Platform to improve monitoring experience for key services using our platform. This would entail -
  • Research related to building world class extensions including for container technology, services from cloud service providers, etc.
  • Building related Alerts and Dashboards in Coralogix, validating their accuracy & consistency and creating their detailed overviews and documentation
  • Configuring Parsing rules in Coralogix using regex to structure the data as per requirements
  • Building packages as per Coralogix methodology and standards and automating ongoing process using scripting
  • Support internal stakeholders and customers with respect to queries, issues and feedback with respect to deployed extensions
  • Migration Delivery: Help migrate customer alerts, dashboards and parsing rules from leading competitive observability and security platforms to Coralogix
  • Knowledge Management:
  • Build, maintain and evolve documentation with respect to all aspects of extensions and migration
  • Conduct training sessions for internal stakeholders and customer on all aspects of the platform functionality (alerts, dashboards, parsing, querying, etc.), migrations process & techniques and extensions content
  • Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders and customers to understand their specific monitoring needs, gather requirements, and ensure alignment during the extension building process


  • Professional Experience: Minimum 3+ years of experience as a Systems Engineer, DevOps Engineer, or similar roles, with a focus on monitoring, alerting, and observability solutions.
  • Cloud Technology Experience - 2+ yrs of hands-on experience with and understanding of Cloud and Container technologies (GCP/Azure/AWS + K8/EKS/GKE/AKS). Cloud Service Provider DevOps certifications would be a plus
  • Observability Expertise: Good knowledge and hands-on experience with 2 or more Observability platforms, including alert creation, dashboard creation, and infrastructure monitoring.Researching latest industry trends is part of the scope.
  • Deployments & Automation: Good understanding of CI/CD with at least one deployment and version control tool. Engineers would need to package alerts and dashboards as extension packs on an ongoing basis.
  • Grafana & PromQL Proficiency: Basic understanding and practical experience with PromQL, Prometheus's query language, for querying metrics and creating custom dashboards. Person would also need to learn Dataprime and Lucene syntax on the job.
  • Troubleshooting Skills: Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills to diagnose issues, identify root causes, and propose effective solutions.
  • Communication Skills: Strong English verbal and written communication skills to collaborate with the customer's cross-functional teams, deliver training sessions, and create clear technical documentation.
  • Analytical Thinking: Ability to analyze complex systems, identify inefficiencies or gaps, and propose optimized monitoring solutions.
  • Availability: Ability to also work across US and European timezones
  • This is a work from office role

Cultural Fit

We’re seeking candidates who are hungry, humble, and smart. Coralogix fosters a culture of innovation and continuous learning, where team members are encouraged to challenge the status quo and contribute to our shared mission. If you thrive in dynamic environments and are eager to shape the future of observability solutions, we’d love to hear from you.

Coralogix is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applicants from all backgrounds to apply.